Pages are organized into Sections.  Each section also has an overview page that tells users what information will be asked for in the Section. 

By default, OpenCounter has four sections. Sections can easily be added and removed as needed. The default sections are described below:

  1. Basics: This section asks for business name, location, and contact information.
  2. Operations: The pages in this section ask questions about business activities.  These pages often have visibility rules based on clearances and/or land uses. For example, many jurisdictions have specific questions they ask of restaurants, like if they'll serve alcohol. These fields/pages appear in this section.
  3. Team: The team section allows users to provide additional contact information for any other team members on the project. This can include licensed professionals, property owner, or co-founder/co-applicant.
  4. Site: This section focuses on the physical site and contains questions that need to be answered if a building permit is needed. The pages included here will cover topics such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical/HVAC, and fire protection systems. 


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