Home Occupation

Many communities list home occupations as a use and define a set of permissions in zones. In addition to these permissions, communities may also have additional requirements for home-based businesses, such as the number of clients seen, number of deliveries, and use of space. 

To accurately capture a home occupation and provide staff with the most information, we ask users if they are a home-based business after a use is selected, which allows us to tell you both if they are a home occupation and what type of business they are operating. For instance, if I have an interior design business, then I would select interior design as my use, and then the system will ask if I am a home-based business.

But we shouldn't ask all businesses if they are a home occupation.  For example, bars, or wrecking or salvage yards, should probably not be run out of a home.  Therefore, from staff, we need a list of businesses/uses that should be asked the question.  We will then reflect a different set of permissions if the answer is yes. Based on their answer to the home occupation question, we will also then be able to show specific home occupation questions that your jurisdiction may have, such as "How many clients will you see at your home?"

Keep in mind that this question does not necessarily lead to a home occupation being approved.  In most cases, we'll set permissions to the home occupation permissions already defined (generally permitted in residential zones and prohibited where homes are prohibited).  In one case, a city asked that all home-based businesses be set to Conditional--we can set these permissions to be anything the jurisdiction needs.


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